Video: Pebbles UI limited demonstration

This video shows a glimpse of Pebbles UI presentation by BatchTest at Bay Area LabVIEW Users Group on February 10, 2015. The presentation was geared towards users new to LabVIEW and it was limited to very few select items of Pebbles UI. Please stay tuned for a demonstration that shows more sophisticated technology of Pebbles UI.


Use of Pebbles UI controls & indicators on LabVIEW does not require any graphics expertise because we have taken care of the complexity behind the scene. Users just drag/drop on LabVIEW front-panel and start using them! Configuration of these components can be done during design, or programmatically through “property nodes” on LabVIEW wiring diagram as shown in the above video. Also as shown, all animations are easily user configured at any stage of a developer’s LabVIEW code.