LabVIEW Consultants

Our team of highly skilled LabVIEW Engineers with background in Automation and Embedded Systems provide LabVIEW consulting.




Test & Automation

Whether you need an upgrade to your Data-acquisition System or looking for a turnkey high-speed assembly line (End-of-line) automated tester, BTC is your one-stop shop for all test & automation needs. Our expertise also includes custom hardware designs while providing complete software solutions.

Pebbles UI for LabVIEW

BTC brings Adobe Master Collection and Web RIA technologies to create the most advanced and very easy to use LabVIEW User Interface.

Yes! This a fully functional, customizable, and scalable LabVIEW indicator using vector graphics. Pebbles UI contains over 100 such animated indicators and controls!

Firmware Programming

Embedded Systems design and firmware/RTOS programming for ARM, Freescale, and Microchip processors/microcontrollers.




Modelling & Simulation

We provide unique and creative solutions to your modelling & simulation needs that are made using LabVIEW (or LabVIEW RT) and MATLAB/Simulink models. Our expertise also extends to putting together a custom Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) solution where your plant-models (or the ones designed by us) run on a real-time PXI hardware.

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