BatchTest Corporation
BatchTest Corporation
ARM Design & Development

BatchTest Corporation is an ARM® Design Support Partner. We offer design & development for ARM processor boards and systems, we also design & manufacture Automated Production Testers for rapid In-Circuit-Testing (ICT) of ARM based boards and systems. We serve several industries including Automotive, Contract-manufacturing, Industrial, Construction, Consumer, and Semiconductor.

Our Expertise:

  • Firmware Design: Assembly, C, C++; Verilog (for FPGA)
  • Schematic Design & PCB layout
  • Designed For manufacturing (DFM)
  • Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Automated Production Testing
  • Real-time Operating System (RTOS):
  • USB and CANbus development
  • In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) and debuggers, Simulators
  • PC-based Application Suites using .NET or LabVIEW
  • Adobe Flash & Shockwave based Cloud-computing web-interface designs
  • Custom Device Drivers Development

Some of our designs:

  • Automotive: Airbag Controller
  • Automated Production Tester with rapid In-Circuit-Test for ARM based boards
  • Temperature Control through PID servo
  • Enhanced Bootloader with dynamically uploaded custom programs
  • LabVIEW USB device drivers development for ARM-based systems
  • Smart Power-supply controler
  • Stepper-motor Controller
  • Wide-band RF Tranceiver

ARM Design Support Partner

BatchTest Corporation is an ARM® Design Support Partner.

We provide firmware and hardware design services for several ARM processors through our expert team of Embedded Systems Engineers.

We also design and manufacture Automated Production Testers for rapid in-circuit-testing of ARM based boards.

Additional Hardware Support

We work with a large selection of components including the following:
  • FPGA ~ Xilinx, Altera
  • Communication bus: CAN, I2C, SPI, 2-wire, USB, RS232/422/485, Ethernet, GPIB
  • A/D & D/A converters, Comparators
  • RAM, ROM, Flash, EEPROM
  • Various sensors ~ Temperature, Pressure, Motion/Position/Accelerometers, Proximity, Sound, Magnetic, Flow, and more
  • Indicators ~ LED, LCD, PC applications

We also offer...

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